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Privacy Policy


a) Correct data input

Using our web store ( you will need to input personal data in order to complete certain actions (eg. account creation or ordering items). It is the users' responsibility to correctly fill in the data input forms, so that our company is able to fulfill its obligations towards the user. Personal data that are stored in our records can be altered by contacting our company. We are in no way responsible for the correctness or validity of these personal data. That's why validation from the user's side will be asked at the moment of input. Also, should be noted that by entering personal data in our records, also authorizes our company to use them for the necessary activities (eg. order dispatch, etc). Therefore, our company should not be held responsible for possible inability to complete these tasks (eg. lost notification emails due to incorrect email address, changed contact information, etc). In addition, we are not responsible for possible technical problems or malfunction of any kind, that will interfere with these business activities.For these reasons, we will consider any communication that will be correctly sent from our side (eg. sent SMS or email for an item of stock) as valid, although ultimately this notification may not reach its destination due to the mentioned reasons. Similarly, we are not responsible for postal address errors (which could make order delivery difficult or impossible) or phone number mistakes. In any case, the customer is responsible to update his/her personal information in case they are not valid any more.

b) Registered users

In order to provide personalized service and to facilitate future transactions (eg. orders), our company offers the option to register as users of our web store ( The personal data that are entered in the log-in form are stored in our records in the user's profile, which is accessible by using a unique combination of username and password.This way, a unique page is created for each registered user (registered user page) in which the order history, as well as the current status of the incomplete orders are displayed. During the registration process you will be given the option to accept "session cookies" in your browser, which will be used exclusively to identify you and log your actions, presenting them afterwards in the activity history, which is visible only to you. "Session cookies" can also facilitate the management of your profile and your transactions, by logging you in automatically every time you visit our web store ( Session cookies are deleted from your browser, when you log out from our site.

c) Written consent

Data that are filled-in either in the registration form or in the order form are confirmed via the respective check box. This way, the user permits our company to process and use the data for the purposes described above, always within the data protection policy and procedures of our company. In case the user does not wish to receive SMS notifications about the progress of their order, he/she may leave the phone number field empty in the order form, or contact our company via email ([email protected]) requesting the ceasing of any further SMS notifications.

d) Data protection policy

Protection of personal data is a high priority issue for our company. We have active procedures for ensuring the correct and safe handling of personal data.Personal data are only collected for the purposes of completion of customer transactions (communication, invoicing, order dispatching, progress notifications, etc).Our company requests the minimal amount of personal information that are required for these activities, under condition of full consent by the user, who has unconditional access to the stored information and has the ability to request data purging at any time, even the deletion of the user's account in our store.Also, the user has rights deriving from articles 11-13 of bill 2472/1997 and also bill 3471/2006.In any case, user data are kept in our records only for the duration there is an active user profile in our system and are purged when the user profile is deleted.While the user browses our web store (, session cookies may be stored in his/her computer, so as to facilitate the operation of the shopping basket and the incremental addition of items in it, even before the user profile is created, for the placement of the user's order.Our company guarantees that all personal data are kept private, are not shared with any third party and are handled and manipulated only by our company. 

Exceptions are: 

i) personal data that are necessary for the processing and charging of credit cards by our trusted partners (financial institutions following the appropriate secure procedures for the handling of sensitive information)

ii) Personal data necessary for the dispatching of customer orders (transport, storage, delivery, etc) by the cooperating courier services.

iii) Data facilitating, via session cookies, basic operations of this site, such as marketing and advertising related user information, display of personalised content. This will result in improvement of the site's content and the users' experience, without linking the session information to an actual user identity. In any case, personal data are stored and handled according to the greek legislation, especially bill 2472/1997 and 3471/2006, which our company has implemented in its procedures. According to this legislative framework personal data may be transferred to third parties, eg. law enforcement officials, prosecutors, etc. only if this is permitted by the rules and conditions of the standing regulatory framework. Additionally, the complete set of data (personal data, transactions, etc) are protected by the legislation enforcing the privacy of communications (electronic and non-electronic), as well as business transactions. We take the necessary precautions and actions in order to ensure that these data remain private and are not disclosed to unauthorised parties.The user of this web store should also actively protect his/her personal data from disclosure to third parties (eg. login information), even unintentional. Frequent password changing is highly recommended.Our company ( will seek compensation for damages that will occur due to malicious intentional user actions that violate the above-mentioned conditions.


Our company ( protects its users from personal data loss by encrypting them. Personal data are not distributed to any third party and are constantly stored encrypted in our servers, therefore safe from unauthorized access. Personal identification is performed with two credentials: a) the username or the email and b) the password. The user is uniquely identified by filling-in these two elements in the login prompt and is granted exclusive access to his/hers personal data. You may change the login credentials as frequently as you wish. Safe keeping of the login credentials is the user's responsibility. You should keep them secret, not sharing them with anyone. In case the login credentials are lost or compromised, you should notify us immediately. We will not be liable for any unauthorised use of the compromised login credentials.